About N177XY

N177XY is a 1978 Cessna Cardinal RG, a great little four seater airplane based at San Carlos, CA. He cruises around 135kts (155mph) and has 5 hours of fuel for a range of about 675nm (775mi). N177XY is owned by Ken Scott and often flown by Nelson Minar.


N177XY is sometimes trackable in flight. Images to the right are live position updates. You can click through to FlightAware for live ATC radar or Spot for Nelson's Personal GPS.

Please note this tracking is not very reliable. Flights sometimes do not show up at all. Tracks often end abruptly, before the landing. Just because the plane doesn't look like it arrived doesn't mean it crashed. If you're concerned, get in touch with Ken or Nelson.


Nelson often tweets when on flying trips.